Clover Ridge Place

Closer Care

The Closer Care program is a secure program with dedicated staff 24 hour staff and includes a private enclosed courtyard. This area is closely monitored for those who may need more assistance or redirection. All services are provided in an all-inclusive monthly rent. This program includes coaching, reminders, security, physical assistance, and focus on maintaining everyday skills for those with Alzheimer’s or other memory care illnesses. Spontaneous activities, meals, juices, snacks, and assistance are also offered on a continuous basis in the Closer Care Program.

Our Core Philosophy

  • To allow each resident choice of lifestyle and care
  • Treat each resident with dignity and respect
  • Foster independence of each resident while providing a safe secure home for them to live in
  • Promote individuality
  • Nurture the spirit of each individual

For additional information on Alzheimer’s, you can go to the Alzheimer’s Association website.